September 6th, 2015

Berkeley, California

The Bride

Lori Bailey

The Groom

Dan Gicklhorn

Ceremony & Reception

  • Sunday, September 6th, 2015, 6:30 PM
  • Ceremony starts at 7:00 PM sharp
  • Dinner & Reception to follow


  • The Lawrence Hall of Science
  • 1 Centennial Drive, Berkeley, CA 94720
  • Entrance to all exhibits included after the ceremony

The big day!

Our Story


How we met...

2004 - 2006

Lori: In 2004, we were introduced when Dan joined the student assistant team at the Sonoma State University Web Office, where I had already been working for a couple of years. At that time there was no budding romance, though I remember we enjoyed chatting and working together, and carried on conversations long after work hours. In 2006 I started a job as a staff member with SSU's IT department, and Dan was still working there. I'd swing by to say hi and see how the old office was going. That's when we really came together.


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Dan: First Date Lori: It was at least six months after that first date before we really sat down and decided whether we were officially dating and wanting this to go somewhere, or if we were just friends.  Luckily we decided we wanted to see where this would take us.  Which is a good thing, since I had already decided he was "the one".  Mid-spring I had a rough fight with my father, and was pretty riled up and upset.  In the midst of that anger, Dan had called and asked if I wanted to go stargazing with him while he worked on trying out some night-time photography.  We went out that evening after dark, and standing back to back in the woods and gazing up at the moon and stars I really learned just how being with Dan put my heart to rest.  The argument with my father and the emotions I felt there drifted away, it really didn't matter anyway, and I felt so at peace standing there with Dan.  Ever since that night it's something I've noticed, no matter what is going on in life, spending time with Dan has always centered me, calmed me, and cleared my worries away. Dan: Moved to Irvine, moved to Seattle. Lori: Engagement Dan: Move to new home, Bellevue

It was written in the stars...



Andrew Shelansky

Andy Jolivette

Kevin Der

Robin Phillips

Jeff Gicklhorn


Abby Friedman

Stacy Hicks

Melinda Keys

Sara Smith-Skelton

Taylor Pence


Stay tuned to check out our venue, the local area, and other topics as we get closer to the date...


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